About our puppies

We fall head over heels for the aesthetic of a working, athletic XL bully. Therefore, we have carefully chosen bloodlines from various parts of the country to reflect those characteristic in our dogs.

Quality rather than quantity,

which is why you may only see a few litters from us each year. If you have done your research and made the decision that a Shadowline pup is the right fit for your family, please contact us for more information regarding our upcoming litters.
We want our puppies to be loved and cared for, for a lifetime! These dogs are not just pets, they are FAMILY! We appreciate updates on your pup, a photo and/or video at least once every 6 months. If at any given time you are no longer able to care for your Shadowline companion, we require you to contact us and let us know, so we can begin a re-homing process to place the dog into the proper care.

All puppies come with:

  • Vet Exam
  • Initial Vaccines
  • UKC Application for permanent registration
  • Goody bag with toys and food

Here we have our upcoming and planned breedings

Current breeding:
Shadowline's Akame X Shadowline's Dark Lord Revan

The clash of titans introducing Bossy’s Superbowl and Fireline’s Knocks-Ville genetics creating supreme bully genetics intertwined with our Shadowline bloodline. Akame inherits Superbowl genetics whereas Dark Lord inherits Knocks-Ville genetics. 

Shadowline's Akame
Shadowline's Dark Lord Revan

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Below are our future breedings


Fenris X Ellis' Bloodline Polu-Kiko

Fenris is expected to breed again Fall 2022


Akame X Payday

Akame is expected to breed by Spring 2023